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Random Request [:: Fri, Apr 10th, 2009 :: - :: 8:53 am ::]

As you guys know, Easter is Sunday. So, I'm going around a lot of my communities requesting pictures of characters from an anime as bunnies or rabbits.

No need for hentai, just pictures of long-eared characters (and maybe tails too if they can show).

Posted anywhere a fandom is!
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[:: Mon, Mar 9th, 2009 :: - :: 12:09 pm ::]

We're up and running again!

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MOD - Cancelling Icontest! [:: Sun, Jan 28th, 2007 :: - :: 4:22 am ::]

[ mood | tired ]

Sorry everyone, I gave it a shot, but I guess we don't have enough people who make icons around here yet. I could have submitted some, but I didn't think that would be really fair to our other submitter.

I'll advertise our community around a little, and see if we get more members and then try again...but for now we'll cancel this one. Sorry for everyone that was look forward to voting.

Remember post anything related to the Series here!! Con Photos, Fan art, Fan Fiction...anything related to it!!

I'm off because I have to work in 6 hours!

- Jen

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MOD :: IconContest #1 :: [:: Sat, Jan 20th, 2007 :: - :: 4:52 am ::]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey everyone!

Sorry it took me a few days longer, than I expected to post this, but it's finally time! I hope you rounded some Onegai Fans together...some that might even like to make Icons because it's time to show us what you got!

Just to keep things simple for now I'm going to say that the first theme for our Icon Contest is:

Onegai Teacher

This means anything from the series can be on the icon.

Comment below with your icons, you may post up to three per person. Make sure you screen your comments as soon as you post them or I'll have to disqualify your entry.

This theme will run from 1/20 to 1/26. I'll then make a post with some of the icons you can vote on, on Friday - maybe earlier if no other submissions come in and will announce the winners on Saturday or Sunday depending on how fast votes come in.

So have fun, and happy Iconing!!

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Mod Post [:: Sat, Jan 13th, 2007 :: - :: 5:37 pm ::]

[ mood | busy ]

Hey everyone, I just wanted to make one more post before starting the Icontest. Believe me as mod I'd love to see this community active, which is why I don't mind doing an Icontest, however before putting the effort into it I'd like to see how many people are active here. It's honestly not worth it if only 3 are, but if more are than I'm all for it.

So please...comment to this post letting me know that you're active in this community, and also if you have friends that like the series, let them know about this community so we can get more members too.

Like I've stated in the past I'm all for people posting Icons, Pics, Stories...basically anything relating to Please Teacher/Please Twins to keep this place active. Hope to hear from you all soon, so we can do the contest! ^_^

- Jen

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Ichigo Icon Post [:: Sat, Jan 13th, 2007 :: - :: 5:29 am ::]

[ mood | creative ]

While I get things ready for our first Icontest, I shall fill everyones Ichigo cravings with this new Icon post. Of course if anyone wants me making other characters from either Please Teacher or Please Twins, drop a line here! So enjoy and make sure you follow the rules! ^_^

+ please comment if you take. however. comments alone are always nice!! ^_^
+ do NOT make changes, if you want any made let me know I'll make them
+ credit: dreamfairygurl in your keywords!!
+ upload to your own server
+ of course enjoy!

If this batch goes well, more people want me to make icons and people follow rules I might start making more icons again more often. Sorry I'm harsh about certain rules, it's written in my banner in my info if you want to know why. ^_^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

(13) Ichigo

(13 Ichigo Icons Gallore)Collapse )

If there is anything else I should make let me know. ^_^ Enjoy

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First icon contest? [:: Fri, Jan 12th, 2007 :: - :: 11:46 pm ::]

Let's start with a icon contest.
Should there be a certain catagorey? or what?

I say let's have icons of Onegai teacher up first, but of different people or plot or whatever.
That is all. ^_^
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Some ideas? [:: Thu, Jan 11th, 2007 :: - :: 12:17 pm ::]

I have some ideas to pitch here, maybe that will get everyone back here lol.
I'd love to see this place active. ^_^

Some ideas are
-fan fic contests
-art contests
-icon contests
-show your cosplay

Things like that. Or something, lol.
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Newbie here [:: Sat, Dec 30th, 2006 :: - :: 4:16 pm ::]

Hi just like to say, I love Please Teacher after watching it on youtube.

And alitte intro about me:
-I'm Reba
-I'm 17 and taken. <3
-I love pocky and anything japan.
-I'd like to get some friends from here.
-I love art and fashion.

This place is alittle dead. Anyone out there? lol
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[:: Sat, Sep 16th, 2006 :: - :: 3:24 pm ::]

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cross-posted anywhere i can :P
i'm sorry if this is not acceptable here :( . please let me know and i'll delete it myself.
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